SRS Root Download

srs root is the best tool for free one click root Android devices. Srs root 4.7 is the current latest version which released on 27th Feb 2015. srs root download for root Android versions from 1.5 through 4.2 at the moment and compatible with latest Android smartphones and devices like Samsung Galaxy s2, s3 note, note 2 and etc.

srs root apk

SRS root apk version is not available yet. So it should be run on Windows PC. The tool contains multiple exploits for root wide span of Android devices. You can download SRS Root for Windows below and start one click root your Android device. It does not require you tiresome downloads and clicks as just as its name implies SRS Root is a one-click operation.

SRS root direct download link

SRS root has options to unroot the device in one click also. Lower the risk of bricking or damage your device since there’s no requirement for Flashing. rooting is the key to unlock maximum potential of any Android smartphone. Check our Root Guide page for more details about benefits of Android rooting.

How to root with SRS root

Srs root is a one-click rooting tool which capable of root your device in completely automated. Have a full backup of your device before start. Download the latest version of SRS root from our website and run SRS root with administrator privileges while your Android smartphone connected to the PC using proper USB cable. Click on Root button will do the job once SRS root identified your device.

And you should remember, a PC here to root with SRS Root is must as it still not appears in APK format.

SRS Root latest updates ( ver 5.1 )

The latest version of SRS Root is 5.1 version. And compared to the previous, this offers the best root support also with confirmed stability.

  • Added support for Android versions and more devices
  • Include developed root scripts
  • More stable

SRS Root latest updates ( ver 4.7 )

  • Supports Android 4.2.2 and latest ADB
  • Compatible with more than 7000 devices
  • Included new exploits

Before you start,

  • Power charge the Android for sufficient power scale
  • Get ready with a Windows PC having the proper USB drivers installed
  • Make sure to Enable USB debugging from the device’s settings
  • Confirm using the SRS Root Latest with checking the compatibility. If it is not supported, try a different tool version as per the request
  • If all done above, it is time to backup. To prevent your existing data from getting damaged or erased, it is a must to backup the whole device

SRS Root Video Tutorial

Developer Credits

SRS Root is a one-click easy to use program for the need of root. It has multiple exploits to give root privileges to a wide range of Android Smartphones and Tablets. So with the use of this free and amazing root utility, we should give thanks to the developers. And we hope for better root assistance with SRS Root Download in the times ahead.