Download Framaroot for Best Android Rooting

Rooting makes your Android powerful, and the tool you choose takes the most important role in the process. That is where Framaroot arises giving the best one-click rooting solution for your Android. It does not requires PC support, in fact it only takes time of a one click for an effective rooting on your Android. Therefore Download Framaroot and gain root privileges easily on your Android.

framaroot download

Why Root with Framaroot?

Millions of users are getting involved with Android root knowing trustable rooting tools solutions available today for a safe rooting, and Framaroot is one of the foremost. Framaroot rooting application can be downloaded completely free, and it is available in APK format where user can conduct Android root easily even without the PC support. It has specially designed to advance root privileges in a single click, where user can benefit a risk-free Android root even without taking much time.

Unlike other rooting tools, Framaroot works with several exploits like Boromir, Gandalf, Pippin, Gimli, Frodo, Sam and Aragorn. In the process you will have to select the suitable exploit. For more one click rooting with Framaroot Download lets you install SuperUser and Su binary on you Android device, so Download Framaroot rooting tool as you would not get a better choice. And most importantly you have to do all this without a PC support, which means you only have to install and run the application on your Android.

Features of Framaroot rooting application

  • One-click rooting solution
  • Easy installation and uninstallation
  • Available in APK and do not need of a PC support
  • Extensive Android device support
  • Successfully work on latest Android versions
  • Comprehensive interface for user
  • Works with several exploits
  • Available in updated versions
  • Installation of SuperUser and Su binary
  • Guaranteed success rate with faster and accurate procedure

Device Compatibility of Framaroot

Framaroot caters a wide selection of Android devices including the latest. And all of the reputed brands like Samsung, LG, HTC, Google, Motorola, Asus, Huawei, SONY and more are successfully work with Framaroot one-click rooting, so you can try Framaroot download on your expensive gadget without any uncertainties as it has reached thousands of device models with a higher success rate Android root.

Android Compatibility of Framaroot

  • Android Eclair
  • Android Froyo
  • Android Gingerbread
  • Android Honeycomb
  • Android Ice cream sandwich
  • Android KitKat
  • Android Lollipop

How to root with Framaroot One-click Rooting software

Things to remember:

  • You are strongly recommend to have a complete back up of your device’s data prior to the process, in any case if you lose all your data with the changes you made in the system settings of Android, restoring will be an option to go back to the previous condition if you have a complete backup with you
  • If you have installed any anti-virus program, make sure to disable prior to rooting
  • Have at least 50-60% of battery strength

Framaroot video guide

Step by step Guide

  • Step 1: Download Framaroot APK latest version on your Android
  • Step 2: Then Run the downloaded application choosing SuperSU and SuperUser
  • Step 3: In the given list of exploits select the suitable element to match with your device model (you have to check with the device compatibility before you select the exploit)
  • Step 4: Once you select the exploit, your Android device will start rooting and then you will have to keep your device rested until the process ends
  • Step 5: Within few seconds you will be able to see a success message
  • Step 6: To finalize reboot your device and now SuperUser/SU binary is installed as you are successfully done with Framaroot rooting
  • Step 7: If you required to confirm your device’s root status, get a root checker application and know whether you are successfully rooted or not


  • Framaroot crash?

Sometimes Framaroot might get crashed when you select Gandalf as the exploit, if so re-launch Framaroot application and try the same exploit once again.

  • Error on result?

If you get an error with the result, try the next Framaroot version on your device. If you get error message with Framaroot latest version, try to download Framaroot previous version.

  • SuperSU is not installed after reboot?

If SuperSU is not installed after reboot, we recommend you to use “Execute script” step and put your shell script directions in /sdcard/custom. (Proceed at your own risk)

  • Select the best exploit?

When selecting the exploit, you have to check with your device compatibility, otherwise it will interrupt within the process.

Download Framaroot Latest Version

Framaroot one-click rooting software comes in different versions to cater more number of device models, currently Framaroot 1.9.3 is the latest you can download which comes in an improved interface with fixes and minor scale enhancements. If you fail to work with the latest version, try Framaroot v1.9.2 or Framaroot v1.9.1 previous versions.

Developer Credits

Developer credits for Framaroot goes to senior XDA member “Alephzain”.

Up to now you must have heard rooting as a time taking process, but Framaroot can change the fact by giving the best one click solution with its latest APK version. If you wish to boost your device’s performance in addition to a handful of new features, you would not get a better choice than Framaroot to come out of the stock Android frame. So Download Framaroot for risk-free Android root.