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Download Odin for flashing Android Oreo firmware

Should you Download Odin?

Odin is a smart choice by anyone desires flashing, rooting Samsung. It is available free and going to process through the Windows PC. So in any case if you feel like not satisfied working with a single ROM, you can simply turns in the flash way with by Download Odin. This is time to take a complete review to Odin including compatible firmware, devices, update logs and more.

odin download

About Samsung Odin in Details

Odin comes in constant updating to serve best to the user. And as you might already know, it flashes Stock/ Custom firmware, kernels, recovery files and more similar for considerable system alterations. And by flashing Root packages, Odin can make root happen on Samsung quite easily and safely. So in that way, Odin is a must have utility for Samsung with need for system changes.

Odin is 100% desktop program runs through the Windows PC. So you cannot take Odin Download in the form of APK directly on mobile as there is no such update exists.

Odin v3.13.1 Updates

Odin comes through continuous upgrading in order to serve for a wide device range and firmware. And by now, Odin v3.13.1 comes as the latest deriving a stable processing and improved performance. You should always check for the possible latest download to get the highest results in return.

Odin for Windows                              Odin for Mobile

Device and Firmware Support for Odin

As stated throughout the post, Odin is exclusively for Samsung devices. Fortunately, it comes adding support for almost all of the Samsung devices including the latest Galaxy variants (Galaxy S8, S8 Plus, Note 8, Galaxy S9, S9 Plus and all the previous handsets) now in the market. And as to the essential adding up in the latest tool update, you can flash and root up to Android Nougat by using Odin Free Download.

Required Downloads:

  • Odin latest on the Windows PC (should extract)
  • Properly matching Stock ROM file (should extract on the PC)
  • USB drivers’ software for the PC


  • Windows PC, installed the correct Samsung drivers
  • Samsung device enabled USB debugging
  • Switch the device into Download mode

Steps Guide to Process

  • Launch with the Odin exe file as an administrator
  • Make the device connected and notice whether it show an “added” message in the panel
  • Select only the “AP” and place the ROM file
  • Go to “Start”
  • Wait the progress bar get completed and reboot

Video Guide to Download Odin

Developer Thanks

All thanks for the tool development and rights free on Download Odin go to Samsung Inc.